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The ULTIMATE all-in-one system for client-based businesses in Notion. Built to scale.

(DISCLAIMER: Client portals are not 100% secure. If clients know how to search in Notion, they can find other client’s client portals.)

💬 I can’t scale my business because… 💬

  • Everything lives in my head, so my team has to pass everything by me. Or worse, I just do everything myself instead.
  • My client’s experiences vary drastically as there is no process in place and they often complain about feeling out of the loop.
  • I need a larger workforce but hiring new employees is such a heavy push I avoid doing it.
  • My team is not aware of our company objectives or they don’t exist because there’s not a simple way to plan them.
  • I get caught in the day-to-day “grind” and often repeat tasks over and over again that should be automated.
  • Despite having multiple meetings a week, my team struggles to stay on the same page and end up working in a silo.
  • My workload is overwhelming and I’m coming closer-and-closer to burn out.

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, this system is for you!

⭐ Made with 2+ years of Experience and Testing ⭐

Notion for Agencies is the genesis of 2+ years and 50+ businesses solving the same problem every single time: I can’t scale my business.

Notion for Agencies empowers business owners to work on their business by giving their team the proper systems to work in it.

Built by a full-time Notion consultant, Notion for Agencies has been road tested by REAL business owners and with real business problems. Each one of the dashboards has been through multiple iterations to solve the issues real agencies contend with day-in and day-out.

📦 What’s inside? 📦

🌐 Company Wiki / SOP Library: Honed over the course of working with 50+ clients to date, the Company Wiki gives you and your team an intuitive organisational structure that allows you to capture SOPs of any size and scope, relying on a peer review system to ensure all documentation is accurate and up-to-date whilst also giving you the flexibility to organise smaller procedures within larger processes.

📞 CRM (Client Relation Manager): A simple CRM system with a built-in estimated value calculator, referral tracker and proposal creator. Closed deals are instantaneously turned into client projects and portals for the fulfilment team to begin work.

📝 Proposal Creator: A ready-to-use template that makes the proposal writing process a flash. The integrated project timeline database creates complete synchronicity between the sales and client fulfilment team.

🌀 Client Projects and Portals: The two-part configuration gives internal teams a separate page to work on the client project whilst also allowing you to pick-and-choose what gets shared with the client. (DISCLAIMER: Client portals are not 100% secure. If clients know how to search in Notion, they can find other client’s client portals.)

💼 Recruitment Dashboard: Simply put the most sophisticated recruitment dashboard in Notion! Request new roles or employees, get approval from executive, meet for briefing with hiring managers, draw up job descriptions / ads and prep for employee onboarding, all from one page.

💁🏼‍♂️ Personal Dashboards: Give each of your team members their own dedicated dashboards, where they can see everything relevant and important to them, in one place. This one feature has been proven to 10 x employee adoption.

🔍 Management View & Performance Reviews: Within their personal dashboards, managers have a view of all their direct reports, a snapshot of what’s currently on their plate, the progress of onboarding staff and a space to draft and share performance reviews privately.

🚀 Planning Dashboard: A super powerful tool to make quarterly planning easy and successful. Executive team can draft strategy and only share it with the rest of the team once it’s ready. Plan OKRs, KPIs and Sales Targets all from one page.

🎯 OKR dashboard (Objectives & Key Results): A client favourite. This dashboard allows you to clearly present OKRs to the team, assign particular Objectives and Key Results to specific members and uses percentage bars to clearly define progress and updates.

💷 Sales Targets: Get more eyeballs on the company figures by effortlessly setting up sales targets each quarter, and tracking how much was brought in using the monthly logs. Use third-party widgets to represent those figures using charts.

✅ Project & Task Manager: Give everyone visibility on what current priorities are and what is being worked on. Project pages act as all-in-one dashboards to show all tasks, meetings and resources related to a given project.

👥 Meeting Notes Template: Our best-selling meeting template. Draft agendas, capture meeting notes and action items and pull-in all related previous meetings. Link to meeting recordings to put an end to uncertainty.

🎥 Content Dashboard: Empower your marketing team to create content using this industry-standard content dashboard. Strategise larger marketing initiatives or plan content for each social media platform. Built-in analysis zone for tracking how well each piece of content performed.

Revolutionise the way your team works online and empower them to scale your business for you!

🎓 Comprehensive Training 🎓

  • 3+ hours of video training included
  • 10+ Written SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) making employee onboarding seamless
  • 5 phase business owner onboarding that mimics the consulting process I take with my paying clients

👤 About the Creator! 👤

Hi, I'm Sam. I’m a certified Notion consultant with 2+ years of experiencing serving 50+ clients to date.

I’m Top Rated on UpWork and Fiverr and have serviced agencies with workforces of over 80 employees.

I work full-time as a Notion Consultant which mean I spend all of my working hours thinking about, innovating and perfecting business systems in Notion.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase
  2. Follow the Links to the Template
  3. Duplicate the Template

What will you need?

  • A device to access Notion (e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)
  • A Notion account (It’s free to sign up for a personal plan!)
  • Basic understanding of how Notion works


Notion for Agencies works with Notion only. It is compatible with Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphones. Smartphone and Tablet layouts will appear differently than on desktop or laptop, however, the layout of the template is the same.

This is a digital download only, no physical items included. The planner is for personal use only. No part of it can be distributed, sold, reproduced, or used in any form without the written permission of the author.

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You'll get...

🌐 Company Wiki / SOP Library
👥 Client Portal
📞 CRM (Client Relation Manager)
📆 Quarterly Planner
📂 Project & Tasks Manager
💼 Recruitment Dashboard
👨🏼‍💻 Personal Dashboards
📢 Marketing Initiatives
⭐️ Employee Performance Reviews
📄 Proposal Creator
🎯 OKR Overview
✏️ Meeting Notes
📊 KPI Dashboard
💷 Sales Targets
✅ Onboarding Checklists
📝 Job Descriptions & Ads
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Notion for Agencies

25 ratings
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